January 4th at 9 pm

is the presentation album of madeiran fado singer Sofia Ferreira.

The album marks the beginning of a new stage in the artist’s career. The concert includes all the themes present in the album, as well as others of choice of the fado singer who marked his career. In addition to the usual musicians, this concert includes other artists and their daughter Maria Leonor who will make her first appearance on the Baltazar Dias stage.

Classification Over 6 years

Duration: 1h20m

Producer: Funchal City Hall


Sofia Ferreira – Voice

Pedro Marques – Portuguese Guitar

Emanuel Faria – Craviola

Miguel Marques – Acoustic Bass

Maria Leonor – Voice

Eugénio Costa – Piano

Melissa Janice – Violin

Slobodan Sarcevic – Accordion

Laszlo Szepesi – Cello

Tickets: 5 euros

Seniors and Children: 4 euros