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Baltazar Dias

under the coordination of José Eduardo Franco, Luísa Antunes Paolinelli and Cristina Trindade.

“Baltazar Dias Collection” is a collection of books that is being prepared by CLEPUL in partnership with the “Learn Madeira” Project to recover the works of Madeira playwrights who were forgotten. The first volume was dedicated to Baltazar Dias.


Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias

by Paulo Miguel Rodrigues

Imprensa Académica

The Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre, inaugurated in 1888, has a multifaceted history full of artistic activities. In this work, the reader finds a synthesis of those that take place on the stage, with a natural highlight for the performing arts. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to check how the intense life of this theater has exceeded – in much – such a component, thus realizing its true municipal dimension, which led him to assert himself as one of the cultural centers in Madeira.


DVD Palco dos Afetos

 by Cristina Vieira and Nuno Duarte

October 2019

Studio Paulo Ferraz

The documentary “Palco dos Afetos” records the affective and historical memories of 22 guests with connections to the Theatre, between artistic directors, collaborators, stage directors, musicians, actors, dancers and several personalities linked to the arts and culture.

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